"Invisible architecture" 

Why does a room effect sound quality and frequencies?
There are many reasons why your constructed environment effects the integrity of your sound. Resonate frequencies, standing waves, long reverberation and high reflective surfaces can all compromise sound quality.

Through a fascination of sound, vibration, energy and frequencies, coupled with years of study and research in the field, our acoustic designers and installers have become a knowledgeable and valuable element to any environment striving to provide a higher quality in sound reproduction/reinforcement.

Many venues, studios, theatres, boardrooms and work spaces invest in quality audio production systems, without taking into consideration the sound properties and dynamics of the space. The sound quality properties of the environment is as important, if not more important than the equipment producing the sound.

BG Audio specializes in custom acoustic design, frequency analysis and sound treatment.

"Every single room is acoustically flawed. It can always be improved. That is our mission."

Acoustic treatment suitable for:
-House of Prayer
-Recording Studios
-Radio Stations
-Live Music Venues
-Bars and Cafes
-Lecture Halls
-Video Conferencing Rooms
-Sporting Arenas
-Public Urban Spaces
-Common areas

Why is acoustic design so important in the construction of modern architecture?
Check out this video...

"Tune your room prior to tuning your system to the room. Prevention is better than a cure." 


Custom printed professional acoustic panels are available in various sizes