Tascam VS-R264 HD Live Stream Encoder
  • Tascam VS-R264 HD Live Stream Encoder
  • Tascam VS-R264 HD Live Stream Encoder
  • Tascam VS-R264 HD Live Stream Encoder
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The VS-R264 live stream encoder addresses the growing demand for an external stand-alone YouTube encoder in live streaming environments. Additionally, the VS-R264 provides Full HD streaming to popular Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) including Wowza, Ustream, AWS Elemental MediaLive and CloudFront, to name a few. The half-rack size VS-R264 functions as a stand-alone unit—no external computer is needed for recording or streaming.

Notice for Copyright Creative works as picture images, movies, music and others are to be protected by applicable copyright laws, and when you intend to use those works in recording, reproducing, broadcasting or other means for the purpose of commercial use, you are required to obtain the license by copyright owners therefor. The license terms might be different in each occasion and the copyright owner. Please be advised that you contact your content service providers and/or applicable copyright management organization. Notice for Streaming In case of your streaming for commercial purpose, unlike for personal use, you might be required to conclude the specific service agreement with your content service providers or your content service provider may not allow commercial use in general. Please check the terms of use of the content service provider in choosing your content service provider.

Professional Audio and Video Streaming In AV over IP Applications VS-R264 Balanced analog Euroblock/Phoenix low voltage wire connectors and unbalanced analog 1/8" (3.5mm) mini-stereo jacks provide versatile audio I/O connections for a wide range commercial AV over IP environments, including corporate, education, house of worship, government, industrial and security.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZoQvMVCru8


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